Look Up from Your Phone and Live Your Life

Another special moment missed and another blurry photo added to your camera roll... 

Don't waste time trying to get a photo on your phone. Don't get me wrong, there are many pros of having the image immediately on your phone but why not focus on relishing the moment you spend with your family or friends? Special moments deserve special treatment. And a family photoshoot is the best way to create beautiful memories.

Here is a real life example. The image on the right is me and my cousins. I am the professional photographer in the family so I couldn't really rely on any of my other relatives to take photos. This image is blurry and has my mom's finger in the frame. It is a great moment to remind me of my cousins back home in Greece but I would do much else with this photo. On the left, you see my partner's family during thanksgiving. It is an image shot by a professional (me) with a professional camera and professional editing. Do you see the difference? Which one would you blow up and frame? Yeah. I thought so. 


This is why it’s better to get a professional photographer instead of trying to take photos on your iPhone. We are an affordable professional studio that will take care of the special time you’re having at any time in your life. High quality images, quick delivery and retouch make the photos an amazing relic to remember forever.

No need to worry about any of the technical aspects of your photoshoot. NXM will do all that for you with our state of the art professional cameras and flashes. During the event our friendly team will make sure to capture every moment and to produce your most beautiful images. You will get the high quality images through an online gallery where you can even order gorgeous prints from! With any print order over $20 get two FREE 4x6 prints on us. 

Image shot by Natalia Bougadellis for Coverd Photo.

Image shot by Natalia Bougadellis for Coverd Photo.

Family photos and birthday parties are the most overlooked occasions where people opt to not hire a professional photographer. Frankly, I love seeing any photo of my family whether it is on an iPhone or professional camera. I would probably get the same feeling from either. 

But consider this having someone capture those great moments from the outside and picturing the whole family in the photo. Think about it. How often do you get everyone in your family to cooperate and take family photos together? It’s impossible. Most families have a short attention span and that includes everyone - not just the kids! 


Time flies. Moments pass.

You don’t want to look back on life wishing you had more photos of your friends, family, and loved ones. Let NXM capture everything and everyone at their best!

Well guess what? You can!